Have your own gym budde's for free!

Let your members benefit


From a toolbox of key information about your club and exercise,

accessable live on the gym floor 24/7 365. All expertly designed to

help them to achieve their goals and help to improve your clubs retention.

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Drive more clients towards your trianers


gym budd-e has been designed by a highly experanced trainer with a major focus being placed on winning new clients easier for trainers.

gym budd-e achives this by using a number of specaily designed concepts making trainers more approachable and vice-versa.

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Support your managers


Say goodbye to feedback slips that sit in a box waiting to be read. gym budd-e instanly sends any member feedback submitted straight into your managers inbox and gym budde will also collect all the feeback for head office to easily evaluate.

This is just one of the many features in which gym budd-e will support your managers and buissness.

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Promote your products


Where better to highlight your in-house products and increase sale then on the gym floor while people are resting in-between sets. gym budde make it easier than ever to run promotions and deliver key messages to your members


The cherry on the top


For qualifying gyms chains we will not only provide you with 100s of gym budde for FREE, we will also provide you with all the customisation of gym budde needed to make it seem like you have invested 1000s in creating it yourself adding value for all your members.



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