Know Your Audience!

With Knowledge You Can Deliver

The Brand Better Than The Brand

With Knowledge You Can Deliver

The Brand Better Than The Brand

There is NOW an easy, exciting way to discover more about your audience including trends and daily data points.

A way which adapts to the seasons and trends, and will constantly make high targeted and trusted impressions on the audience.

A way which constantly delivers you daily valuble data points including, Name, d.o.b., Email address, personal goals, etc.

And the best part is that your audience happily pass on their data while also being thankful for the help your providing them.

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 Bring your clients campaigns to life in the middle gym floor and discover more about your audience while making your clients campaign even more effective.

Breakfast biscuit example

If you were to win a marketing campaign based on a client wishing to increase the sales of its breakfast biscuits, especially to gym members on the go, who train in the morning.


Screen advertising

in a prime location on the gym floor

Advertising Tactics:

Targeted workouts

Support their morning goals

morning workout.png

Product placement

within the on-screen workout page & PDF

Dedicated content pages

let members explore the offerings


example only


Data points collected

Name - Email - Age and more

Highly Targeted advertising

target a specific club, time & day


In summary:


  • Your audience will be greatful for the valuable support that is being provided to them in helping to achive their goals. This will bring a positive ossociation towards your client product.

  • The product placement within the workout page/pdf will not only provide ongoing impressions but also a recomendtion of the product from a trusted source.

  • You will gain thoundsands of valuble data points which you can use to increase the effectiveness of future clients campaigns.                                                                                               For example, after the sucessful compleation of the breakfast buiscuit, if you won a campaign based on a morning coffee, you will already have a list of clients who already have shown intrest in their morning routine.

  • Doing this will help you to develop a even stronger connection that your clients have with your services because you will provide key groundbreaking solutions to some of their problems.

  • Your overall knowladge of your audiance has been increased. This further enables you to offer a more targeted ellement to your future campaigns making the ROI and price point higher.You

budd-e is poised to revolutionise key fitness marketing mediums throughout the fitness industry. 


What is budde?


gym budd-e is the World’s first and only intelligent fitness infotainment kiosk, designed by fitness industry experts, for the fitness industry


budd-e is an attention grabbing interactive fitness kiosk offering a huge depth of relevant and compelling content. The fact that budd-e is specifically designed to optimise user experience and maximise dwell time means it is ideally suited to deliver highly targeted, data-driven advertising.

Centrally located and highly visible, budd-e serves as a health club’s focal point for fitness and club information, leaving it superbly placed to connect directly with health club members on a truly targeted basis.


Why dose everyone love gym budde?

Here are a few examples 


Beyond the induction

When a new member joins a gym they recive an induction into the gym. With modern gyms it would take hours to fully introduce the member to every type of machine in the gym. gym budde provides the ability for the member to discover how to use any item of kit including the free weights at the touch of a screen.

Connecting trainers to members

Budd-e gives the club the ability to promote the unique specialisms of each personal trainer, giving your clients the ability to select a personal trainer that is best placed to help them achieve their individual training goals.


Supporting the members

Budd-e is designed to be the member's toolbox of information available 24/7, live on the gym floor. With its excellent functionality and wide range of features, Budd-e not only provides trusted help, but also valuble take-away information for the members.

Send and collect

Budd-e is packed full of features in which allows  members to send themselves key information, valuble to them. From workout routines to class timetables,   calculator results to product info PDFs.

All this data is collected and can be used to further help the member discover new prodcuts and ways to help them achive their goals and look good.

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