Covid-19, Why trust use us?

Here at Budde we have a wealth of knowledge on how to keep you, your members and staff during covid-19.

Our board is made up of world leading health management experts with over 30 years’ in the NHS including for 15 years running one of the most consistently high performing Trusts in the UK and our smart technology experts have decades of experience working in the gym/fitness industry.

Smart technology that will help to keep your

staff and members safer during COVID-19

gym budde.png

Gym budde provides valuable help as an additional supporting member of the gym’s team.

It is a safer, cost effective alternative to face to face contact helping you to keep everyone happy.


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Using world leading thermal imaging technology, thermal budde can automatically detect members who have a high temperature in a matter of seconds ensuring your keeping everyone safe.


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Hand budde will auto dispense virus killing liquid for everyone to safely use.

Its HD display will also remind members to wash their hand and of your latest product offers



How gym budde will help to keep your staff and members safer during COVID-19

Now you have a new supporting member of the gym team helping your staff and members 24/7. A team member who will not catch COVID-19 and when easily maintained will never pass it on. So even if you are down to one member of staff per shift, gym budde will always be there delivering exercise demonstrations, workout routines, gym information, guidance and much much more.


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There are many changes needed to make a gym safer during the COVID-19 crisis.


One of the unfortunate effects of COVID-19 is the need for reduced interaction between gym staff and members meaning that members will be missing out on key advice and important information such as how to reach their training goals safely and the new policies of the gym.


social distance safe2.png

This is where gym budde provides key help as an additional supporting member of the gym’s team.


With its simple to use interface, members can find all the information they’re looking for including exercise demonstration videos, workout routines adapted around the available kit, options on alternate exercises for kit that is no longer available, interactive personal training profiles and delivering up-to-date information about the gyms new policies which all can be changed daily to suit the current needs of the gym.

How thermal budde will help to keep your staff and members safer during COVID-19



As people become increasingly conscious and heistant to touch public surfaces, contactless intersction is amoung top priorities for people today. Tiggered by facial recognition, users can have thier temperature read by simply standing within 3 feet of thermal budde.

Rapid Response

A friction-less interaction, thermal budde enables members to have thier temperatures read in a matter of 2 seconds, ensuring a steady and safe flow of traffic into the club


World Leading Thermal imaging

Backed by the world's leading in infrared technology arrays, thermal budde can recognize and capture different levels of infrared light to accurately and rapidly detect temperature


Labor Saving

By eliminating he need for dedicated personnel, thermal budde is a cost efficient, and reliable alternative allowing your staff to use their time in other preventative measures.


Built-in Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Designed to keep ,members safe, and create peace of mind in the club, thermal budde has a built in hand sanitizer and drip tray.

How hand budde will help to keep your staff and members safer during COVID-19


Hand budde

Dispenser and unit

  • Auto dispense gel, foam or other liquid for hand sanitizing

  • Sanitizer is easy to refill

  • Sand-alone or wall mountable

  • internal and protected dispenser

  • Plastic drip trays


  • ​21.5'' HD LCD screen

  • Android based

  • WIFI or 4G connection

  • Remote content management

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Recommendations for cleaning your touchscreen, including disinfecting the surface of your gym budde.

All gym budde’s are commercial grade, and our touchscreen is a full edge to edge glass display.

We highly recommend that you regularly wipe down your gym budde by applying a cleaning agent on a cloth. Gym budde best maintained with any cleaning agent that is non-corrosive and has a mixed alcohol concentration of not more than 78%.

Follow the below instructions to clean your gym budde touch screen:

1.    Use only a soft, lint-free cloth.
•    Avoid abrasive cloths, paper towels or similar items.
•    If condiments, food, or drinks are spilled on the surface of the screen,             please remove them immediately.
•    When water is present on the surface of the PCI screen, wipe it dry first,         then the touch screen will function properly.

2.  Spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the screen with the cloth.
•    Do not spray cleaning agents directly onto the screen.
•    Avoid using any chemical agents to clean the screen and do not use               aerosol sprays, bleaches or abrasives. 

3.  Use gentle wiping motions. Avoid excessive wiping, which might cause           damage.
•    Do not use sharp tools to clean the surface of the screen.
•    Do not use air guns, water jets, or steam, to clean the surface of screens         as they may damage touch screen functionality.

4.  After cleaning, check to make sure no remaining cleaner is seeping                 through the edges of the screen.

How we designed gym budde to be a safe touchscreen.

Even with the excellent hygiene routines that gyms and health clubs have improvements should made to how touchscreens are maintained if we are to ensure they represent a safe alternative to control face-to-face customer interaction and make the fitness environment covid safer.

1.    We use uninterrupted, edge to edge glass surface which users can easy wipe clean.

2.    We design our touchscreens to be accessible by all users, including those visually impaired.

3.    Gym budde screen is now fully flat and has no bezel or frame which could harbour microbes and can be easily cleaned, will help reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses on the screen.

4.    Our touchscreens are capable of responding to the touch of a gloved finger or stylus.

5.    Our suppliers use a specialist coatings which when used in a touchscreen, will inhibit or kill bacteria over time.