Get your campaigns in front of an audience who are 100% fitness driven

Where do you find one of the highest concentration of potentional customers?


budd-e is perfectly placed within a gym and is introduced as a key point of trusted information to members.

It has been skillfully designed to systematically make the most out of all its advertising positioning along with gaining quality market penetration from active gym members who are highly interested in their own health, fitness and appearance.


 Would you like to deliver your campaigns live onto the gym floor in a number of key ways, in-front of your ideal customers when they are at their most receptive.

sports workouits with placement.png

Product placement

which is highly targeted & data driven

Screen advertising

in a prime location on the gym floor


Communication functions

emails - texts - QR codes

Targeted workouts

find out their goals, then support

starting to run.png

example only


Dedicated content pages

let members explore your offerings

Highly Targeted advertising

target a specific club, time & day


The cherry on the top


We already have a massive amount of health and fitness orientated customers waiting to start interacting with your campains. All of these customers are already aware of the value of keeping fit and active. They have already been proven to invest time and money into their own health and fitness.

budd-e is poised to revolutionise key fitness marketing mediums throughout the fitness industry. 

What is budd-e?


gym budd-e is the World’s first and only intelligent fitness infotainment kiosk, designed by fitness industry experts, for the fitness industry


budd-e is an attention grabbing interactive fitness kiosk offering a huge depth of relevant and compelling content. The fact that budd-e is specifically designed to optimise user experience and maximise dwell time means it is ideally suited to deliver highly targeted, data-driven advertising.

Centrally located and highly visible, budd-e serves as a health club’s focal point for fitness and club information, leaving it superbly placed to connect directly with health club members on a truly targeted basis.